Happiness, Love, Inner Peace, Success, Power, Passion & Connection

These are very desirable values, but are difficult to achieve.

People use several different methods; One method is the "quick fix" in the form of smoking, drugs, sex, alcohol, fast food and so on. It is easy, might have positive intentions, but is only effective in the short term, leading to frustration and an empty feeling inside. It is linked to our "lower self".

Another method follows a more holistic route, concentrating on the connection of mind, body and soul. This method has a long term effect and is more sustainable, because it is linked to our "higher self". As a life coach I feel passionate about supporting my clients to achieve this happiness, power and success. As a massage therapist I feel passionate about helping my clients to relax all the muscles in their bodies. As a Reiki healer I feel passionate about healing my clients to feel (find a feeling of) inner peace.

I help my clients to fulfill their higher values and support them to get where they want to be in life.

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